Success Story

Trinity College

Industry: Education

About The Company

The Trinity College story began in 1984 when a small group of committed families from Gawler began operation with 27 students in the hall at St George's Anglican Church. The vision and pioneering spirit of dedicated staff, parents and students has seen Trinity College grow into an extraordinary educational institution offering preschool to Year 12. Now into its third decade of operation, Trinity College has become widely recognised for the realisation of its stated ethos - excellence for all.

The Challenge:

Fragmented IT

  • Enhancing security posture across diverse user personas presented a complex challenge, requiring tailored strategies to address varying levels of access and risk.
  • Conducting an evaluation and assessment of Essential Eight security controls revealed gaps and areas for improvement, necessitating proactive measures to bolster cybersecurity defences.
  • Implementing co-management deployment facilitated seamless integration between SCCM and Intune, harnessing the combined power of both platforms to optimize device management and security protocols.

Services Offered:


  • Aligned Trinity College's infrastructure with Essential Eight standards for
    robust cybersecurity.
  • Enhanced Trinity College's digital ecosystem with Microsoft 365 and
    Azure uplift.
  • Implemented efficient Intune Hybrid Device Management for seamless
    device control.
  • Streamlined Trinity College's vendor landscape through consolidation for
    optimized operations.

Our Solution:

Tailored IT StrategyImplementation

CSP Global devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to Trinity College's needs, integrating Essential Eight alignment, Microsoft 365 and Azure uplift, Intune Hybrid Device Management, and vendor consolidation to address their IT challenges effectively.

The Result

Streamlined IT Infrastructure
  • Developed and implemented an Essential Eight roadmap, providing strategic guidance to enhance cybersecurity measures and align with industry standards.
  • Successfully provisioned Intune and SCCM co-management, streamlining device onboarding processes and optimizing device management capabilities.
  • Deployed baseline security measures and CSP's Essential Eight configuration profile across the organization, fortifying defenses against cyber threats.
  • Enforced Zero Trust and Essential Eight compliance protocols, ensuring robust security measures and adherence to best practices.
  • Achieved cost savings by consolidating cybersecurity solutions under a single XDR platform, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing overhead costs.
  • Seamlessly migrated from a patchwork of vendors to a unified cybersecurity platform, extending protection across all assets including email, devices, data, network, and identity, thereby enhancing overall security posture and resilience.